Curator's note

Digging the earth, reciting the mantra. October 6, 2018

Digging the earth, reciting the mantra. October 6, 2018

A Montanha presents Oh Fuck Yeah, a new exhibition by Colin Ginks. A British artist and writer who has been living in Lisbon for more than 10 years, Ginks has mostly worked with painting, drawing and performance, so this exhibition marks the beginning of a new direction and of his commitment to being an artist.

Starting from a slowed down sound excerpt that he accidentally came across while watching a gay porn film online, the artist created a sensuous and sensual installation that ties together autobiographical, personal and social aspects. With earth from the area surrounding the sports complex of Estádio Nacional Jamor - on the outskirts of Lisbon and a notorious cruising ground -, mixed with cardamon seeds - the third most valuable spice in the world, and of which Guatemala, the country of origin of the artist’s husband, is the major exporter -, Ginks defined the gallery space a hallowed place dedicated to intimacy.

In addition to the installation experience with transcendental ambitions, there is an editorial element which reveals the artist’s interior world as one pulsating with desire - consumed and repressed -; regrets, loss and absence; memories of formative years accentuated by the fear of being discovered and the pressing need to be seen; and by other artists who guided Ginks in his choices (Joe Orton and Félix González-Torres, to whom this exhibition is an homage).

Ginks walks a tightrope between the sublime and the lowly, the poetic and the ironic, in instances such as the liberation that an innovation like PrEP can bring, in the purity found in the desire between men, and in the discovery and experience of one’s sexuality in parallel with the discovery and the experience of a landscape (urban and rural), as if the latter were also a body, in which a human one is inserted. A body, within a body, within a body. Which loves, fucks, ages, and dies.