The Apologies

The Apologies, timed artwork (1 hour 15 minutes) writing in chalk on floor, four photocopied photographs.

KuBa Kulturbahnhof, May 29, 2019 (

Continuing my exploration of the power and possibilities of the written word as artistic expression, ephemerality and permanence, catharsis and healing (in the queer community), this work explores experience and confession as an artistic truth. The four photographed images in the space set boundaries of the physical, the emotional, psychological and the natural, creating a purifying, prayerful forcefield which encloses the artist as he tries to “write” wrongs in a hour and fifteen minute chalk work. Once completed, the piece is expected to remain for an unspecified duration. Visitors are encouraged to walk on the piece, so their presence gradually wears away the message over time, in an act of wilful communal healing.

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